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You can make a very professional weed growing room out of your basement, attic or guestroom. By growing inside you are able to control the complete growing environment. It will require some knowledge though. The Weed Seed Shop will give you an impression of what it means when you want to become an indoor weed farmer; a short description of the complete indoor cannabis culture. With some knowledge and "green fingers" it will be easier than you think. 
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The climate of the plant will determined by 3 factors: air, light and soil..

Fresh air
Besides a clean growing room is a proper ventilation fairly important. The more plants you have in one room, the more important good ventilation becomes. Plants breathe through their leaves. They also rid themselves of poisons through their leaves. If proper ventilation is not maintained, the pores of the leaves will become clogged and the leaves will die. If there is a free movement of air, the poisons can evaporate off the leaves and the plant can breathe and remain healthy.
Used air is hot so it is best to have the air outlet at the top of your room or closet. The air inlet should be at the opposite side at the bottom of the room/closet, this will create a good circulation. Make the inlet twice a big as the outlet, this way the room will be filled with fresh air fast. Take care no light spills thru the air holes, you don`t want your important light control to be disturbed.


Close all holes and chinks! It is of great importance your growing room is free of light from outside. The duration of the night is very important to cannabis so always use a timeswitch for a regular cycle.
During the first phase in the life of a cannabis plant, the growing phase, it needs a short night of 6 hours. As soon as we increase the duration of the night to 12 hours the second phase begins, the flowering phase. This mechanism we call photoperiodicity.

Perfect for indoor growing are high-pressure sodium lamps. Depending on the size of the room, you can use 400 Watt lamps or 600 Watt lamps. This choice is made in such a way that all the plants in the room can be illuminated as evenly as possible. By using 400 W lamps, you can put up one-and-a-half times as many lamps for the same electricity use as when using 600 watt lamps. Make the inside of your growing room white or cover it with reflecting film for optimal results.
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Using Tube Lighting (TL) is also possible when you place the tubes very close to the plants. The production will be low though. Trying to grow weed with too little light would give you stretched out stressed plants.
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